The THIS IS LIFE ETERNAL (TILE) Bible reading plan was published in its entirety in the Dec. 2006 issue of the “Florida Focus” magazine, which is mailed to every home in the Florida Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. I was excited for I felt that this exposure could encourage many to read their Bibles through in 2007. As I was doing my own study a couple weeks ago, I happened to find that Psalm 106 was not to be found anywhere in TILE!!!

It’s been almost 9 years since I designed the plan. I remember being positive that I had included every word of the Word — and when it was completed, I sat right down and, using the plan the Holy Spirit had given me, I read the Bible completely and immediately went back to Week #1 to start over…and over — and I haven’t stopped since.

So…when I realized that Psalm 106 had been missed, I went back to double check all 150 Psalms and found to my great distress that I had omitted quite a few! My original process of identifying them topically and getting them inserted properly apparently had some loopholes!!!

I first apologized profusely to God for omitting ANY of His Word and then after adding them properly into the TILE schedule, I emailed my website designer, Mark Bond. I am so grateful to him for within 4 hours he had not only inserted the missing Psalms into the weeks I requested, but had put attractive explanatory notes on the home page, the download page and had thought through a correction to send to the “Florida Focus” magazine editor.

I’m also grateful to God for modern technology that enables me to make corrections in a timely way. The text in Rev. 22 that cautions against adding to OR subtracting FROM the Word of God is an important one to me.

Thanks be to God for forgiveness. Hope you will forgive me, too.

Wretha Lang