A blessed and Happy New Year to all you TILE blog readers! We are one year closer to seeing the One who loves us the most! I pray that God’s Word will convince you that Jesus greatly loves you in 2010! It is such a comfort and strength to know and believe that one fact.

Now for the GOOD NEWS. The contact information found on the CONTACT page of this website is now functioning beautifully. So feel free to request special prayer, give us your feedback or ask for information. We will respond appropriately.

The FINAL good news is that I’m writing a “Handbook for Moderators of THIS IS LIFE ETERNAL Small Groups.” It is so thrilling to have the small group opportunity to share with others the passages of Scripture which reveal to us what God is like!!!! God loves to hear us talk about Him, and He writes it down in the “Book of Remembrance” in the heavenly records. Check it out in Mal. 3:16-18 God says “On the day when I act, they (the ones who like to think about Him) will be my own special treasure!…” I want to be special to my God. Don’t you?

If having a tool for leading out in a small group using the TILE study guide would encourage you to start your own group, would you please go to the contact page and email me. The book will contain general information, stories about how God has led in the development of this world-wide ministry, and suggested “lesson plans” for presenting each of the 52 weekly assignments. Your responses will give me some information and/or statistics to share with publishers and marketers.

God bless you throughout the New Year, is my prayer.


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