Blog Author: Wretha

When God calls, He definitely prods. I recently resigned from the Minister of Music position in my church. For 6 months I had felt God was giving me signs that I needed to write two books: a handbook for TILE small group leaders and a book of my blogs which are a result of the journaling I do. As my ministries developed, taking more and more time, it was clear that I must make a change. I set a definite date to separate: Sep. 15. From May through August, God sent signs to reassure me that I had made the right decision. In early Sep. I had an annual physical with a new kind of blood test which indicated that I am currently in danger of either stroke or heart attack. God’s timing is impeccable. On Sep. 15 I received the results of the blood test. On Sep. 16 I had an appointment with my spiritual mentor and pastor to finalize my separation. God knew I would need a red flag wake up call to strengthen me to follow His bidding. During this period of life, improving my diet and developing an exercize regimen – pray for me that I may also be able to produce books that will win souls for the Kingdom.